Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun, Food, and Friends--Moxies

I sure enjoyed today. Five of my newest friends came over and we had a great day of laughing, talking quilting, showing each other our latest quilt project, better know as "Show and Tell", swapping hints and helpful websites for various products and services, and the best of all--eating delicious food! I made a pot of Pasta e fagioli, bread sticks, and Cinnamon rolls from scratch. Debbie brought little croissant/sandwiches, Melora brought Corn Pudding, and Patty Jo brought cupcakes. Needless to say, the day was full and so were our tummies!

I had digitized a folding box and gave them a little demo of how my Statler works. I stitched out six of them and cut them apart roughly. I gave one to each visitor and sent them home with vague instructions on how to stitch it together. It was an experiment...I don't even know how I'm going to finish it.

We also made fabric bowls, or thread catchers...I turned them loose with my fabric stash and they had fun matching fabrics, sewing on my professional Singer and Pfaffs, and learning how to finish the bowls. They will add the buttons from their collections to suit their fabrics.

These ladies are participants on the APQS chat forum and are now dear friends. We look forward to future Moxie meetings in our region which ranges from coast to mountain to the Olympic penisula and south to the border. Just reaching out...and sharing our passion--the world of quilting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay Mystery Quilt

I just happened on this this morning. I guess this is one way to stay committed. I'm putting it on my blog for fun. Let's see if I can keep up. It starts November 18, but here is the introduction. This gives the fabric description and everything we'll need to complete the project. I'm digging in my scraps today! Want to join us?

Bonnie Hunter, Orca Bay Mystery Quilt

I really would like to do this...but I think I'm a little delayed in getting started. I will not abandon the idea, but it may take me a while to get into it. So goes my good intention... Do you ever do that?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Favorite Bag, Kati Cupcake Pattern Co.

Here it is in process....almost there. It is definitely not for beginners. There are a lot of pieces and steps, and some areas are a little vague. If you've never seen one up close and touchable, good luck! Watch out for the Peltex fusible stabilizer. It comes double sided, or just one side fusible. I would recommend the single side only. Otherwise you'll need a teflon sheet when you're fusing to the inside of the bag. The next step that is a bit confusing is the magnetic clasp. There is no diagram or picture of where it goes and instructions come with the clasp, not in the bag pattern. I'm going to call it an option. Trying to match the fusible interfacing with the other pieces is like chasing a magnetic bumble bee with a magnetic wand, an old game called Tickle Bee. I'm trimming as I go to keep things even.

This is the outside with stitching on the bottom...

This is the lining with the clasp installed.

The handles are black and are sewn on...

Check back in a few days for the finished pictures. Thanks for looking.

Monday, October 31, 2011

New Recipe: Apricot sauce for pork or chicken

Apricot preserves 3/4 cup
Dried apricots 10 or 12 halves
Slivered almonds 1/2 cup
Balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon
Pinch of salt or 1/2 teaspoon chicken base

Place the preserves in a small saucepan on medium heat. Snip the apricots into small pieces with kitchen shears and add to pan. As the glaze starts to bubble, stir in the vinegar and whichever "saltiness" you are adding. The mixture can bubble on medium until it reduces, thickens, and darkens a bit. Taste and adjust the flavor. I added a dribble more vinegar to cut the sweetness a bit. Add the slivered almonds.

This recipe was shared by Linda on the APQS forum. She served hers with pork tenderloin slices. I'm oven roasting a chicken. Actually instead of preserves, I cooked up some dried apricots, pureed them and finished them in a small crockpot. I'm planning to use 3/4 cup of this and follow her recipe. Are you as hungry as I am? Enjoy...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins in the Fall

Here it is!

All done except for the hand finishing of the binding. The quilting in this was inspired by some of my favorite designers. Anne Bright, Maple Winds; Deb Geissler, Lonestar Swirls diamond, pear meander, and Dancing Leaves; Patricia Ritter, leaves and acorns; and a couple of pumpkin arrangements by yours truly. One of my specialties is to take elements from the fabric in a quilt and make up my own quilting designs. I used the pumpkin fabric, the leaves and flowers and made an arrangement that would fit in a triangle for the center and the points on the center star. Of course it's almost invisible to the naked eye, but if you turn it over and look at the muslin backing, it shows clearly and vividly. Why do all that work for quilting that doesn't show? Well, as you can see in some of the pictures, when there is side-lighting, such as the morning sun beaming in the bedroom window, the quilting actually does show lovely with the highs and lows of the quilt sandwich. I did not use a highly visible thread either. That way the beautiful fall fabrics are not covered up with intricate designs. It is my favorite time of year and these are my favorite colors! Check out my Picasa Album for pictures. and ThankYou for looking. May you be inspired beyond your imagination.

Monday, October 24, 2011

NQR Comfort Food and Homemade Marshmallows

When people talk about dieting, I run the other way. Literally, walking is my favorite food! I could eat it all day, every day of the week! Don't talk to me about dieting! Talk to me about getting in shape and feeling good! Good health is a rare commodity these days. We just need to get our hearts pumping, our breathing faster, and a little sweat worked up. EVERY DAY!!!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I cooked up some comfort food---some really really really good comfort food---Homemade Marshmallows! One of my daughters sent me a link to a website called Pinterest and the first time I went there, there was this recipe for homemade marshmallows. I immediately wrote down the recipe---YES! I WROTE it down on a card, and put it in my recipe cabinet. Yesterday I felt a chill in the air, that first one of the season, and a forecast for frost this week. I saw Starbucks gourmet hot chocolate mixes at Costco, and guess I needed to make some marshmallows. Here is the link to my Picasa album with photos, step by step of how I did it.

Also, here is a link to an online video that is more professionally done than my little effort.

So, next time you get the notion in your head that you need to "lose weight", go for a walk and make some homemade marshmallows! Can't have one without the other!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shop Hops and such...

My cousin and a friend and I drove towards the coast Friday on an adventure. Marilyn grew up in Warrenton and her parents are buried in the cemetery there. She wanted to put some fresh flowers on their graves so we turned it into a shop hop for the day. Since Sew Oregon 2011 is going on, we started with the passport, and picked up a copy of the Country Register to find other shops in the area. We visited half a dozen shops, ate fish and chips at Doogers in Warrenton/Astoria, and made it home by 7:00 pm before it started raining again. The day was perfect for a road trip. We even stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to pick up some snacks, found an espresso wagon in Garibaldi, and toodled our way up the coast. I can't remember all the names, but we found quilt shops in Tillamook, Wheeler, Canon Beach, two in Astoria, Clatskanie, and then we dropped!

I'm busy with these two quilts, wedding presents for two sisters we've watched grow into womanhood and now holy matrimony. Actually one got married a couple years ago and I never finished the quilt. Now I'm making up for lost time. I'll be sure to post the finished pictures soon. This is a variation on Labyrinth by Calico Carriage, Debbie Maddy.

This one is a variation of Aspen, Marianne Elizabeth.

I hope you're having a classy fall, pumpkins and all! And don't forget the candy corn!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A New Venue

Union Block Marketplace is in the building that used to house White's China many years ago. Newberg, Oregon, offers on the first Friday of the month, an Art Walk. Many downtown merchants host an artist in several locations for the general public to view in casual settings. There are choices of food, beverages, and entertainment. Surprisingly it's all free! Beginning at 5:00 pm, and ending at 9:00, friends gather much like a family reunion, all over the historical section of town. It's fun to get out and walk and window shop and listen to the sounds of a small town festival atmosphere. The Union Block Marketplace is filled with many vendors who sell antiques, jewelry, furniture, china, home decor, some for children, most for grown-ups, but quite a lot to choose from. New items are added daily. From now until the end of the year, you'll find a treasure of unique and one-of-a-kind items just waiting for a new home.

Nuts and Bolts Quilting Company now has a small display of products from quilts to table runners, gift bags, sewing kits, carry bags, and more to come in the days ahead. I hope you will find time to drop in and browse the shelves and racks and nooks and crannies in this new venue. Thanks for looking. Please have a look, humble pictures, I know. I'm not a professional photographer. Consider it a freebie! (smiley face)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red Hills Market - THE BEST

Thanks to the folks at Red Hills Market in Dundee, Oregon. Today was the last day of Dundee Summer Market and it was perfect. Business was a little slow, the wind was gusty, and the temperature was a little cool without a jacket. However, the food at Red Hills Market was awesome! I sampled their roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions and blue cheese and was blown away by the portion and flavors. Then after closing we were treated to a smorgasbord of pizzas. These pizzas were not usual pizza. I call these healthy pizzas! I tasted Jamaican spicy chicken, sausage with a little mushroom, and a vegetarian that were very very tasty. You'll just have to visit some day and try them yourself. Or check out their website and Facebook page.

If anyone asks me where is a good place to eat in Dundee, Red Hills Market is sure to be the first one I would recommend. I'm sorry this picture is so far away. That's me on the right with the lime green canopy and quilts flying in the wind.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Day for Dundee Summer Market 2011

The weather promises perfection for the last Dundee Summer Market. I plan to be there as long as our host is willing. If you are passing through Dundee tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28, between 2 and 7 pm, turn on 7th and come to the Red Hills Market. We are small, but we love what we do.

The first Friday of the month, which is October 7, is Art Walk in Newberg, from 5-9 PM. If you happen to be there, check in at the Union Block Market Place, 616 E. First Street. They will have a few of my items for sale and more over the next three months.

This weekend is Quiltopia, sponsered by Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem. There is a quilt show/sale at the Mission Mill Museum all day Saturday and Sunday. Check out their websites for more information. Of course I will have quilts hanging!

Now to get back to work. . .Thanks for checking in today!

Here is a teaser for a new product I'm offering...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of Summer - Beautiful Fall

Welcome to small town America. Yesterday there were three vendors at the Dundee Summer Market. Do we get a prize for perseverance? Jennifer, the organizer has invited all the previous vendors to come next week, the last day, and is waiving the vendor fee. Whoo Hoo! We're going to celebrate the grand finale by having little treats and possibly a pizza party at closing. It's been fun to sit at this community event this summer. We need someone to stand on Hwy 99 with a bunch of balloons, or a cardboard guitar drawing people into the street! Sometimes small is's not a festival, and it's not really a "Farmer's" market. It's more of an artisan and non-produce type market. I've seen jewelry, gift cards, pottery, processed food like jelly, chutney, vinegar, oil, honey, tea, blue cheese dressing, and a wonderful musician, Larry Brown who plays guitar. My quilt crafts were colorful, but no sale! My 1910 New National hand crank sewing machine drew lots of comments, especially when I was actually sewing on it. I quickly explained that all the quilting is done on a computerized longarm machine. This is the quilting craft from one extreme to the other.

If you happen to be passing through Dundee next Wednesday, and it's not raining, stop in and take a chance on seeing some awesome vendors! If it's raining, keep driving through. See you next year! Thank you passers-by for your support.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dundee Summer Market September 21

What a lovely day it was yesterday. It was cloudy most of the time, but you could feel the heat from the greenhouse effect. The wind was calm but refreshing, and we had to put our sweaters on after 4:00. I love this time of year. NABQC is proud to offer fabric bowls, tissue cases, bottle bags, several types of carry bags, and tutus. Yes, beautiful bouncy, bodacious tutus. If you're looking for a unique Halloween costume, school spirit costume, or the perfect gift for a little girl in your life, come by and take a look at our new tutus.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dundee Summer Market Sept 14

Gearing up for another day in the sunshine. The weather promises to be cool and clear so we're sewing like mad and preparing new items to display. Here is a sneak peak at some of our projects. Bottle bags, coasters, thread catchers, tissue much fun.

There is a new item that we have been working on that will surprise you. I can't post a picture but I can tell you it is beautiful and will knock your socks off. It has nothing to do with quilting whatsoever. It is for children and adults alike. Come on down and visit us at the Red Hills Market parking lot Wednesday, September 14 from 2 to 7.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dundee Summer Market

Dundee Summer Market will run through the end of September. NABQC is planning to have a spot towards the end of the month--depending on the weather. Due to the nature of my products, rain would not be a good thing. Here is a video of yesterday's market. The weather was HOT HOT HOT, muggy, but there was a playful wind blowing. There was a chocolatier, tea lady, honey guy, pottery gals, blue cheese sampler, natural syrups vendor, and the cutest card maker next to me. The guitarist played live, and a CD of himself all afternoon. Fragrances of smokey BBQ from Red Hills Market smoker filled the air. Locals, children and adults, tourists stopping in, many visitors enjoying the food fare and beverages...lovely afternoon to sit and sew. I took my New National hand crank and stitched HST patches which made for conversations with interested visitors. Enjoy, and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preview of new Statler-Only quilting designs

I'm so excited. Soon I'll be offering Statler-Only quilting designs for purchase. I do so much for myself, and people keep asking if they can buy them, I decided it was time to learn how to put them up for sale. Here is a sample of what's patient with me while I learn the ropes, and expect great things to come...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Secret is Almost Out -- NABQC

I'm not saying you can't tell anyone, but I'm also letting you know it isn't finished yet. I will be launching my website soon and decided to give you a sneak peak. After browsing the site, feel free to offer suggestions, accolades, and anything that will make it better "in your humble opinion". There are several ideas being developed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned and check back often. Well, maybe not every day, because I still have a yard full of weeds and many UFO's to quilt. We hope to see you soon at

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Ribbon at County Fair

Do you remember the Village Green my friend Kathy pieced and I quilted? Go to my Picasa albums and you'll find it with all the pictures. Kathy entered it into the Yamhill County fair and won a blue ribbon! I don't know all the details yet, but I'm excited---doing the happy dance here.

More later...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

2nd Time Around Quilters' Swap and Sell

The Speckled Hen Quilt Shop, Wilsonville, is having a quilters' swap meet on Saturday, August 20, 9-4 at their new location. Check out her website for address and directions. You will find many bargains at garage sale prices--barter, set your price, haggle, wheel and deal, swap and sell! It's going to be fun...and what a way to spend a glorious summer day in the sunshine. Go to my last post (Downsizing) to see some of the items I will have. I sold a few things this weekend, but will have more on the 20th. Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Downsizing: Something we all need to do!

Welcome to my virtual garage sale, closet cleaning, summer blowout. If you see anything in these pictures you'd like to own, send me a message or comment. Make an offer if you don't like the price. There are kits, fabric, vintage spools of thread, angelina fibers, stabilizer, books books and more books, patterns, pantographs, needles, charms, yarn, crochet and knitting needles. It's a virtual garage sale. Something for everyone. The Quilted Hill Quilt Shop in Yamhill is having a Swap Meet this weekend, July 29-30. Come on up and shop till you drop. Please note that some items have been sold already. If you are interested, please email or comment asap. I will then let you know if the item you want is still available. Thanks for looking. NOTE: Some things did sell this weekend. I'm sorry if you are disappointed. SOLD items = italics in red.

Cute doggies, paw print minky. Paper Doll panels...
Paper Doll panels, What Do You See panel, Moda Peek A Boo charm packs...
These are satins, and some synthetics suitable for dress/blouse or possibly quilting?
Dear Jane, I'm too busy to finish. Several blocks done in protective sleeves/notebook, book, background fabric, and packet of sweet sixteenths. Angelina fibers, some used. Green fun fur yarn, vintage spools of thread.
Linda V. Taylor paper pantographs, chicken pin cushion pattern, used. Vintage spools of thread, some "invisible" nylon--caution: will melt under high heat.
Helene Knott's Pumpkat, Kitt'ney Bean patterns, used, and an almost finished wool Pumpkat applique with extra wool fabrics. A stack of Maywood fat quarters "Stripey Tiger". Bella Nonna Tantalizing Topiary kit. Roll of Aqua Mesh Wash-Away stabilizer, not used, 11"x10 yards. Several charms, horses, sewing, garden themes. Green fun fur yarn-lion brand.
Books and patterns, some used, some new.
Knitting needles, circular. Crochet hooks, accessories.
Binding Gizmo book and template, Add-a-quarter, Add-an-eighth rulers, pounce block with Miracle chalk, Off the Edge ruler (one corner broken), Machingers, used. Rotary cutter-no blade. Assorted needles, beads, bells, snap pliers, foot massager, Roxanne's chalk pencils, pressing mitt.
Here is the wool Pumpkat unfinished, and you can see some of the charms.
Cross stitch, embroidery, painting, bow making, knitting, Thimbleberries quilt patterns.
Paint a pocket, cross stitch, bow making, Thimbleberries...
Books new and used...
Books new and used...sold Mosaic Picture Quilts
Assorted crafts...sold Cross Stitch Designs

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RYBW ~ Red Yellow Black and White

This quilt began in December, 2004 as a mystery quilt from The Cotton Patch in Keiser, Oregon. Judith Locke was the owner then and my daughter was working part time there while her husband was in the Middle East with the Oregon National Guard. I made the journey once a month to the shop to pick up the next clue, and attempted to finish each step as prescribed. By the third month, I was so far behind and so bored with piecing hundreds of tiny bow ties and strips, I gave up and just stashed it away. A couple of years ago, my cousin and I spent a week at her mountain condo and I took this project hoping to maybe stimulate a revival. She helped me by pressing and clipping as I sewed them together. We didn't finish it, but after two more mountain retreats, finally the inner quilt was done. What an accomplishment! This summer, 2011, I managed to add the borders and piece the backing. I took Deb Geissler's Cherry Meander, made it into a non-directional meander and quilted it in Holiday Red thread. I also took the time to hand finish the binding. Now it will hang in Carlton's Walk in the Park, 2011 this weekend, July 23-24. I'm asking $500 because I really don't want to sell it. If someone sees it as a bargain, or falls in love with it, or for whatever reason is willing to pay the price, I will let it go. There is so much labor and memories wrapped in this quilt, you'd think that's a small price to ask. So goes the way of starving artists and quilt makers.

Carlton's Walk in the Park 2011

You just may see these quilts this weekend in Carlton's Walk in the Park. The RYBW is selling for $500, the large Midnight Rainbow is priced at $350, the smaller Confetti Stars is $225, and the little VW Bugs are $125 each. I wrote another post with more background about the RYBW quilt. Email me with questions or comments.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are you shopping for a custom quilt?

Just in case your attention was drawn here, let me tell you a little about my business. All the quilts I make are made from good quality quilters cottons and are not pre-washed. If I do use fabrics from discount stores or other sources the label will tell. I do not pre-wash my fabrics and after quilting them they usually lay flat. Personally I love to wash them and see them bloom into a shrinkled antique look. I use batting from Quilter's Dream Company and sometimes from Warm Company. Since I usually fall in love with all the quilts I make, I have a hard time putting a price on them. I can never pay myself enough! I like to cover the cost of the materials and the wear and tear on my machinery. If I make minimum wage with the rest, I consider that a good thing. However, I never make minimum wage and I usually take a loss. I'd rather see these quilts go to a good home and become loved and cuddled than to sit in my closets getting old. The label on the quilt will tell fabric and batting content, and whether it has been washed or not. None of my quilts have ever been used except to hang in my studio or a show or shop. If there is a story to tell, I will include it with the quilt. I like to store my quilts flat so that fold creases are minimized. Sometimes they hang for a while, but then I rotate them to keep them from sagging. My windows are covered with UV protective plastic, or window blankets to prevent fading. I keep my inventory small and usually sell or give as gifts after two or three years. I have a couple of quilts that I can't let go that are hanging on the wall currently. People have offered to buy them but there's so much history in them, I probably will have to die before I let them go.

I forgot to studio is smoke free, pet free, and fragrance free. I try to keep lint and dust to a minimum. I maintain my machinery between each quilt to keep it running in good condition and prevent oil and grease exposure. I use a new needle for each new quilt. All thread is 100% cotton unless otherwise requested.

So you see, I take pride in my work, and the quilts I make are top quality. I don't claim to be a perfectionist, but my quilts are meant to last a lifetime or more. It's all in how YOU the consumer use and take care of them. They are meant to be used, not folded and stored in archival boxes in dark closets. If you shop for a custom made quilt, sewn by machine, quilted by machine, you probably expect to pay a little more than slave labor would cost. Quilts made by hand in third world countries can be had for dirt cheap but are very fragile, almost disposable quality. Consider that when you shop for an American made, local economy, local craftsman, made to last a lifetime quilt. The price will shock you. Look at the workmanship and materials and ask yourself which you would rather have. I congratulate you on supporting our cottage businesses and paying the extra for an excellent product. If you walk away with a smile on your face you know you did the right thing. If you have nagging doubts, tell the maker your concerns. We are only human and have feelings too. Bartering is not out of the question. Just be careful to not insult the maker.

Good luck finding the love of your life and I hope to find you knocking on my door someday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carlton's Walk in the Park 2011

Here we go again. More quilts to display and sell. From a raffle quilt to various and sundry items to ponder and purchase. Enjoy...questions, email me or comment. CWITP happens next weekend, July 23-24. Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Congratulations Candace and Chad

Here is the wedding quilt. I took the monogram from the wedding invitation, digitized it with the scrolling flourish, and voila! Enjoy

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comfort going to Alabama

Some of you may not know; I was born in Alabama and spent the first sixteen years of my life there. When I heard about the tornadoes that hit last week, my heart was sickened. I watched in horror at the pictures and listened to the unbelievable stories on Fox News. I emailed some relatives and heard back that no one in my extended family was injured but there was a lot of damage. A three-foot-at-the-trunk old oak tree flattened in the front yard and another split in two. How it missed my cousin's house was incredible. They were without power or phone for five days! I immediately went into comfort mode--in one week, I have completed four quilts and I'm in the middle of the fifth to give to my loved ones. While they may not NEED these quilts, it was therapy for me, grieving for the devastating losses of my home state. A wedding is planned this month and is not going to be undone by a natural disaster as this. Even the rental place that was to provide tents and tables was blown away! Can you imagine? My cousin is going to plan B. If the Mississippi River doesn't wash away all the bridges, we hope to be there for the ceremony and thank God for sparing their lives.

This quilt was lovingly pieced by my Aunt Martha, quilted with Baptist Fans.

These two are going to two of my aunts, one in Missouri and one in Alabama.
This is called Garden Twist, or Twist Frenzy.

This one is for my uncle who loves to eat great food. The fabrics are Farmer's Market by RJR Fabrics. This quilt pattern is a BQ2 with a couple of value placement changes.

I'm also making a quilt for the wedding gift which is still in process. More soon. . .
I am Bonnie Russell, owner and quilter, and my business is making beautiful quilts and making quilts beautiful. NABQC came about as a partnership between the love of sewing and hazelnut farming. That's how the name was chosen. My husband, Fred, is the nut farmer, and I do the sewing using many bolts of fabulous fabric. My studio is located in Dundee, Oregon, the beautiful Willamette Valley, in the center of a hazelnut orchard. Experience came with 42 years of dress making, 40 years of marriage to my wonderful, loving, supportive husband (34 years of nut farming), 25 years of raising three daughters, and now we have seven grandchildren to mentor in Future Quilters of America!

With a Statler Stitcher and Gammill Optimum Plus longarm quilting machine, a 14 foot table, and the drawing program AutoSketch, no project is too big or too small. Anything from hand guided meandering to custom digitized designs can be applied to a project to complete that labor of love.

This blog is to temporarily serve as a source of information until a website is produced. It contains pricing, products, helpful hints, pictures, inspirations, and who knows what else will show up. Thank you for reading and I hope you will find it helpful.

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